Beverly Powell

Has a Long, Repeated History of
Her Taxes
  • Five businesses owned by Beverly Powell have had their right to do business in Texas taken away for failing to comply with state law.1
  • Powell failed to pay over $22,000 in state and federal taxes for multiple businesses.1
  • Powell had to be sued by her own school district, city and county for failing to pay over $7,000 in local property taxes.1

Hypocrisy knows no bounds…

Yet while a member of the Burleson ISD school board, she voted to raise property taxes1 on home and business owners! Had Powell gotten her way on raising property taxes, the average homeowner in Burleson would have paid nearly a thousand more dollars in taxes by now.

Like Democrat candidate for Governor Lupe Valdez,

Beverly Powell has a problem with taxes... she doesn't pay them & wants to raise yours.

As a school board member, Beverly Powell was all too willing to
vote to raise property taxes on home and business owners, but

Her own school district literally had to sue her to get her to pay what she owed!1

It’s offensively hypocritical to hard-working people who do the right thing.

Now Beverly Powell is LYING about her history of not paying taxes!

Beverly Powell Has a Problem Paying Her TaxesYesterday, during a recording for a debate between my opponent and me on WFAA, Beverly Powell outright lied when she denied having been sued to pay over $7,000 in local property taxes she owed. It’s not up for debate. It’s a matter of public record. In fact, click on this link to find the documents and go to page 20.

Now 24 hours later, she’s acknowledging her legal problems over property taxes but making excuses for herself.

Maybe if this was a single occurrence her excuses would be acceptable, but unfortunately this is anything but a single lapse in judgment. Beverly Powell has a long, well documented history of failing to pay taxes. Since 2003 Powell has had 8 different liens placed against her for failing to pay $22,585 in various state and federal taxes. Yet once elected to school board she was more than happy to vote to raise property taxes on every single home and business owner. Hypocrisy, much?

Mrs. Powell wants to represent nearly one million Texans, but I doubt those same Texans take kindly to a tax-and-spend liberal whose tax policy is “for thee but not for me”. #KeepSD10Red

Posted by Konni Burton on Sunday, September 30, 2018

LIE #1:

On a recent WFAA debate, when confronted with being sued by her own school district for unpaid property taxes, she flat out denied it, even though it’s all public record.

Beverly Powell is not someone we can trust, nor is she someone who should represent the hardworking, taxpaying people of Senate Dist. 10.

A Pattern of Dishonesty

LIE #2:

Beverly Powell lied in her Dallas Morning News questionnaire — while she admitted to being sued, she LIED about never having a judgment placed against her!

Beverly Powell Lies on Dallas Newspaper Voter Guide Answer about Civil Lawsuit
Beverly Powell lied about not having a judgement against her in the Dallas News Voter Guide

“I’m asking you, the voters of SD10, for your continued vote and trust. I pay my taxes and I’ll continue fighting alongside Governor Abbott to lower yours!”
– Konni Burton

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